On the 26th of February 2016, the Organising Committee met for the first time in Lisbon to discuss expectations, objectives and potential outcomes for the Curating History Workshop. Eventually, it turned out to be a day-long meeting in which all members of the committee participated in a thorough and exciting discussion about the role of museums, curators and scholars in our society.

Outcomes of the meeting

All participants agreed that the meeting was very effective in setting very clear scientific objectives for the workshop, which made it possible to build an abstract with which everyone agreed. The retained idea was the following: “Curating History; what happens when curators and researchers are brought together in museums”.

In brief, the workshop is intended to raise the question of the multiplicity of historical discourses in museums and how it is handled by both scholars and curators. With the workshop, scholars and curators are invited to actively think about the nature and terms of their relations with one another, about how they can improve the quality of their research, and also about the way history can be mediated in museums. Special attention is to be put also on the responsibility that curators and researchers have in the elaboration of historical knowledge with regards to the various audiences.

During the meeting, the participants defined the main ideas that will constitute the four sessions of the workshop. These ideas can be summarised by four key words: History; Responsibility; Mediation; and Communication (between scholars and curators).


All participants would like to thank the CHAM for hosting this meeting in their facilities!


Sources: Image by Matt Perich